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Port Orange Homes by School District

The Port Orange area currently has 0 high schools, 0 middle schools and 0 elementary schools. If you are interested in learning more about the homes for sale at any of the schools districts listed below feel free to use our site to help locate what area fits you best. If you need more information about a school district outside the Port Orange area all you need to do is change the city area below or click any of the nearby cities from our list. If you have any questions please give us a call at (386) 232-8777 .
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School Name

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Daytona Beach
Holly Hill
New Smyrna Beach
Oak Hill
Orange City
Ormond Beach
Palm Coast
Ponce Inlet
Port Orange
South Daytona
Port Orange FL High Schools (0)
Port Orange FL Middle Schools (0)
Port Orange FL Elementary Schools (0)
All school information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. School data is provided by the listing agent of the property and is not controlled by the owner or developer of this website. Any information found here regarding school information should be cross referenced with the local county and state organizations.